New Ventures for Bottles to Britches

We have loved helping new parents find their way when it comes to their new roles in life, but just as your role will evolve as a parent, our role has changed in the baby industry. We’ve gone from helping one parent at a time at Bottles to Britches to helping hundreds at a time during the events we host, especially the Atlanta Baby and Child Expo. … [Read more...]

2013 Atlanta Baby and Child Expo

Who says the Royals William and Kate should be the only ones to have the red carpet rolled out for their baby-on-the-way?  We plan to bring the regal celebrations to the US side of ‘the pond’ at the annual Atlanta Baby and Child Expo. This is considered THE premier event for expectant and new parents in Atlanta. Our celebration is set for May 11th, Mother’s Day weekend, from 11am-3pm at the beautiful Fox Theatre Ballrooms.  You can find out more by going to the site for Atlanta Baby and Child Expo.  You can buy tickets by going to this link. You'll find a list of sponsors, vendors and participants below.  We hope to see you there!         SPECIAL SPONSORS ViaCord is our main sponsor for this year's event. Your baby’s cord blood is a valuable source of stem cells and a natural way to protect your baby or a sibling. Cord blood stem cells are used today to treat nearly 80 diseases. And excitement is growing as the number of potential uses for newborn stem … [Read more...]

50 Parent Commandments, The Essential Guide to Hiring A Good Nanny Book Review

Are you searching for a good nanny?  Not sure where to even start? The recently released book 50 Parent Commandments, The Essential Guide to Hiring a Good Nanny could help.  It’s based on practical experience from others who have hired nannies, but goes beyond just finding the perfect fit.  Other questions covered in this book: Should you offer your nanny a bonus? What should you do if the nanny is a flirt? Should you allow the nanny to spank your child? How much should you pay a nanny? Should you have nanny cams? Childcare expert Tosi Ufodike relied on numerous parent and nanny interviews to write this book and covers all these topics and more. The commandments covered in this book cover everything from checking references to finding out how to spot a fake (not all would-be nannies love children as much as they’d like you to believe).  Great nannies are out there.  This book will help make sure you find one. You can find a copy at this link. … [Read more...]

Get Paid for Your Opinion-PVR Research

Almost every mom I know is open to sharing her opinion.  Those same moms also seem eager to earn a couple extra dollars if they have the time.  Well, PVR Research wants to connect with those moms. … [Read more...]

Need Mother’s Day Gift–Ideas and Prizes Galore at the Atlanta Baby and Child Expo

With Mother's Day quickly approaching this weekend, you may be stumped on a great gift for the mom in your life, whether it's your own mom, a best friend about to have a baby or your own daughter having your first grandchild.  Here's an idea: take them to the Atlanta Baby and Child Expo and see first-hand some of the neatest gift items and then go try your hand at winning them.  They'll love spending time with you and you might find something that could make their life a lot less stressful!Just take a look at the various prizes they'll be giving away throughout the event.  Origami stroller from 4moms. The stroller is so high tech it will blow you away with all it can do.  It has lights at the front wheels to make it safe, a digital screen by the handles that tell you the temperature outside, how far you've walked, how fast, and can even charge your cell phone as you push (yeah, not kidding).  This will be given away at the Viacord booth. … [Read more...]

Tara’s Touch Massage Helps with Pregnancy Pains

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a nice soothing massage when your body is going through the growing pains of pregnancy? We think so, which is why were are happy to have Tara’s Touch Massage taking part in the Atlanta Baby and Child Expo. Take a moment to learn more about Tara and her business below.1. Tell us the name of your business/company and how you came to create it. Tara's Touch Massage is the company I created to help care for women as they go through their pregnancy pains and to help teach them newborn massage.  2.What does your business specialize in most--any one particular product or service that is in high demand with expectants? I specialize in pregnancy and postpartum massages. 3.What do you most want attendees at the event to know about your company? I would like the attendees to know that every pregnancy is different and every pregnancy/postpartum massage should be as well. At Tara's Touch I  take each client and find out what their specific needs are … [Read more...]